About Teru Media

Teru Media is an end-to-end production services company based in Los Angeles, California. We have a single-minded focus on creating original, thought provoking entertainment for the masses in a cost-effective manner. This approach is reflected in our recent reality docudrama series, “Mommy XXX,” which has been picked up by Sony Pictures Television for Internet and potential television distribution. In addition, Teru Media currently has a number of other projects in development, including three reality docudramas, one animated project, and one feature film.

What's in a name?

In case you’re curious, the name “Teru Media” was inspired by the name of a certain sushi restaurant in the San Fernando Valley where we happened to be dining when we decided to start our company. Maybe it was just the sake talking, but the name seemed like a great idea at the time. In any case, the word “Teru” happens to mean “bright” in Japanese, which we think is fitting given we believe there is a “bright” future ahead for our company.

Our Team

Teru Media was founded by a team of five individuals who bring each of their unique entertainment and media experiences to each Teru production:

Steve Slome - Co-creator and executive producer of the reality show, “Mommy XXX,” Steve is an experienced producer and screenwriter formerly affiliated with Unified Pictures and Phaedra Cinema.

John Ferrie – Co-creator and executive producer of the reality show, “Mommy XXX,” John is also an independent filmmaker. He wrote and directed the film, “Dear Heidi,” which recently exhibited at the San Diego Asian Film Festival. In addition, John serves as legal counsel to YouTube and is a former Executive Director of Business & Legal Affairs at Sony Pictures.

Justin Born – A filmmaker, producer and a veteran of the music publishing industry, during his long stay at Windswept, his responsibilities included management, licensing and film & t/v. He has also produced the films, I Will Make You Love Me, Driver 8 and Dear Hedi and appeared in such films as Soap Girl, D- Hall, St. Henry, Must Love Dogs and the HBO series, Deadwood.

Viet Huynh – An executive producer of the reality show, “Mommy XXX,” Viet is also a prolific screenwriter composing screenplays and television pilots. In addition to producing numerous independent film projects, he has also worked at Eclectic Pictures with Heidi Jo Markel and Intuition Productions with Keri Selig.